Welcome to #citiesskylines on Twitch with The Senate

Affiliate = interactions

My Twitch Channel is an Affiliate on Twitch. This means you can subscribe, get emotes, cheer for Bits and interact with the City through Channel Points and Subscriptions.

My Twitch Channel including schedule: https://www.twitch.tv/palpatine001

An introduction in Cities Skylines and my play style

I usually engage in Macro-Detailing – that is using the Zones and infrastructure to “detail” my city however, more recently I have been engaged in Micro-Detailing or going right down to site level to detail a City with props and decals to make the City look more realistic.

The game uses mods and assets to custom assets to spice up my cities and various themes are used depending on the City.

I also run a Discord which can be seen here: https://discord.gg/pX9emeN

Looking forward to seeing you there. We also play Stellaris from time to time as well.