Christmas Sucks Thanks to Tornado #CitiesSkylines

No major damage and minimal lives lost


Well Christmas for Layton City got a tad wet and windy after a freak storm rolled through the City causing mass flooding and even a tornado.


The Imperial Management of Emergencies Agency reported that a EF1 tornado had touched down south of Onehunga and proceeded west through open country before dissipating near Layton City International Airport. However, the severe rains accompanying the tornado had caused mass flooding in the east with the storm water systems unable to cope.

Weather Observation analyst Bill Duncan said storms were not uncommon in Layton City as the Summer rolled on with a few producing a few tornadoes usually out to sea (Waterspouts). Having one touch down on land is unusual however, the Civil Defence system by IMEA worked as it was meant to. Of course the flooding in the east will need to be dealt with after the Foggy Heights Canal again breached its walls causing flooding in Evergreen Heights and Orchard Square.

Layton City Department of Transport reported that minimal damage to infrastructure was reported with a rail line and section of State Highway 20 damaged by the tornado but quickly repaired.


Citizens are hoping the rest of the Summer holidays are not as intense as the Christmas Day tornado. I think we can all count ourselves lucky the sucker missed the airport by mere metres.


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