MY CITY IS A COMPLETE MESS! A City Planner using an Urban Simulator to Help Us Fix our City Messes #CitiesSkylines

Using Cities Skylines as a communication tool. Also how is my City – Manukau going?

Talking Southern Auckland

A Great Communication Device

Your City is a complete basket case with traffic jams everywhere, your transit system not firing on all cylinders and your zoning choices probably not the most optimal either. I could be talking about any city in the world including my own Auckland and I might just be too.

But today we are going to look at how a real life City Planner is using an Urban Simulator to take people through step by step on using both simple and more complex fixes in turning your City from a basket case to a functioning one.

Starting with one of the more simpler fixes in this case a pair of roundabouts that are clogging traffic:

This next one while I’d say basket case and it nearly broke Sam (Sam is the City Planner running these How to Fix my City series) would be reflective of most medium…

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