Nuclear Steampunk in the 21st Century – with a side of German Zeppelins #CitiesSkylines

Creating a themed city in Cities Skylines

With Grand City of Solaria (see: I decided to go for a theme. So using some assets and the European Theme I went for a rather interesting blend of: Soviet/British Nuclear Steampunk with a dash of German Zeppelins thrown in.

How did I go? I think we are getting there with mid rise buildings, the massive Tribune, Monorail and of course atomic power – all things theorised in those books in the 1950’s.

In the end though there is something about the massive central Tribune backed by atomic cooling towers with Zeppelins flying everywhere that gives the City a unique feel.

You can see some of the work below.

Getting around the City is straight forward with bus, metro rail, Zeppelin or Helicopter. If Active Modes are your thing there is a network of Bike Super Highways criss-crossing the majority of the City and they are very well patronised. Of course power generation is 100% Green with either Atomic or Hydro Power providing juice to the City.

The question is would I live in this City? I think I would!

One Metro + One Micro District = Another Day in #CitiesSkylines (Grand City of Solaria)

Got to move and house those Cims

Another day and more work to do in the Grand City of Solaria. Recently I did a podcast on Micro Districts and the Soviet Union (see: Micro Districts, the Soviet Union and Modern City Planning). In the most recent streams of Cities Skylines I put the Micro District theory to the test as well as finally building the new Metro system to serve the City.

The following three videos look at where the Grand City of Solaria is or was at as of the 17th June before I started the Harbour District, followed by the Metro being built, and two Micro Districts being laid out.

The Grand City of Solaria as of June 17

The Complexities of Building a Multi Tier Metro System

Building Micro Districts

I did manage to get one of the three Metro Lines working as well. The other two will be done once the Harbour District, and Palpatine Shores are both built up. You might also see the Northern/Southern Lights are enabled when it is night time giving some absolute stunning shots.

Once I have the Harbour District set up I will get some night shots of the Monorail working as it goes through the entire City. The night shots are just stunning.

Next post will cover the Harbour District and Palpatine Shores!