Take 2 in doing a Mixed Reality Creation of South Auckland. Days 1 and 2

Previous version needed for IRL reasons so working on new map

After my previous Mixed Reality of South Auckland had to be put to one side for IRL reasons (yes as a Spatial Planner I use Cities Skylines as a communication device for work) I started a new map with new objectives or gameplay.

Below are the two full format versions of Neo South Auckland. I will run highlights on specific scenes like details, toll plazas, traffic or urban hierarchies in highlight videos and blog posts.

New City New Map (previous City needed for IRL work reasons). Still Mixed Reality – Still South Auckland

New Map, New City, New City MK2

Day 2 New City New Map (previous City needed for IRL work reasons). Still Mixed Reality – Still South Auckland

Toll Plaza? Why not

I will be slowing down my game play quite a bit with this City with focus on scenes and details like the above toll plaza as we progress. Yes my old fashioned macro detailing will still be there as we do urban development and infrastructure but if I see a scene like a toll plaza we can do or even ramp signals I will drop down and do a walk through on them.

This is all part of my Mixed Reality style of play where I blend virtual and real world concepts into the game and cities.

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Day 2 Recreating South Auckland (Mixed Reality) in #CitiesSkylines​ (all about the Infrastructure)

Settling the infrastructure down, going through what Road Hierarchies mean (full play through)

In Day 2 of recreating South Auckland as part of a Mixed Reality build in Cities skylines I go through the motions of laying down the core transport infrastructure. This is a full run through, I will have separate posts covering the highlights of Road Hierarchies, and Transport Optimisations.

So why Road Hierarchies?

Would you put residential on a six lane arterial road, or send trucks and buses down a tiny road?


Next up: Day 3 – preparing the zones and establishing the city

All falling into place