UPDATE: We Apologise for the Interruptions. The Subway System Broke (now fixed)

Subway Fixed. Should be running tonight

UPDATE: The conflicting Mod that was causing issues with the subway system has been disabled. This allows me to start building the subway system for Grand Manukau/Layton Cities. The rest of the videos should be up tonight.

Not everything goes to plan when recording your weekly video or when trying to trouble fix the fault causing the delays in the first place.

Unfortunately we have a few minor setbacks this week as the subway stations in Cities Skylines are not working properly (they are appearing half raised out of the ground) and to make things more fun Steam is not working so I can not contact the Content Maker to get some troubleshooting done.

In the meantime I did get the introductory video underway on what I do have planned for the series this week. We are looking at three sets of urban development across Grand Manukau/Layton Cities.

For more I explain in the video:

Normal Transmission Will Resume Shortly

Once the subway station issues are fixed I will get the rest of the videos up.

Thanks everyone and as they say in the transit industry – we apologise for the inconvenience!