Open Street Maps on #CitiesSkylines

How would Layton City look on Open Street Maps?


One of the mods (Cimtographer) allows you to “print” a, Open Street Map of your cities on Cities Skylines.


This is an overview of Layton City in map form:

Layton City Overview Mk2 1.0

One has to remember the City is still expanding so roads and rail lines that go to “nowhere” are there for when the City expands. This is because I follow an infrastructure surplus model rather than what Auckland does in following an infrastructure deficit model.

The infrastructure surplus model means I often have roads, rail lines and sometimes transit stations built ahead of the main urban development rather than following an urban development. Cities Skylines allows you to “deactivate” transit stations so they sit in idle mode (while still be maintained to a basic standard). As urban development reaches the area the transit stations are activated for use.

Yes it means the cims pays a little bit more in infrastructure running this surplus mode. But in the long run it actually saves money in building ahead rather than trying to catch up from deficit mode.


This is Layton City in map form but close up:

Layton City MK2 render 1.0

Note: Picture is 15mb and 15,000 x 13000 in resolution.

The maps do not show the cycle boulevard so if you see a gap with development around it that will be the cycle boulevard.




Least now you have a map to navigate around Layton City.

I will draw up dedicate transit maps some time into the future.


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