Urban Design: Form and Function or Aesthetics? #CitiesSkylines Assists

Talking Southern Auckland

I lean to the former

Transport Blog yesterday had a post on urban design owing to Auckland Council’s Design Champion recently saying that new apartments in Otahuhu looked ugly. The response was a debate that kicked off on the difference between form and practicality verses pure aesthetics of a development. The post and the following comments debate can be seen here: How should we pursue good urban design?

I remember chastising Ludo about the Otahuhu apartments on the grounds of:

  1. Aesthetic wise they actually match the industrial character that is Otahuhu
  2. Form and practicality (or function) in my opinion take precedence over aesthetics especially with residential, commercial or industrial developments.

That said with form that does not mean butt ugly enough that the development is entirely out of character with the surrounding area.

While I do believe in the sliding rule mentioned by Stephen as quoted in the Transport Blog…

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