Planning the Downtown and More Err Driving. Oh and FLOODING # CitiesSkylines

Been a busy few weeks


It has busy few weeks in Layton City with a housing shortage (oh where have we heard that before) causing issues as well as the worst case of flooding I have ever seen to the City.

Also a new frontier opened up to exploit the mineral ore on the outskirts of the City to try to jump-start the industrial complexes which are causing goods shortages the retail sectors. Another frontier will be opened up later on try out some large format retail options I recently got.

Housing Shortage = MASS HOUSING BUILD

The commercial sector has been booming across Layton City. So much so the industrial complexes can not keep up (sparking opening up ore processing plants to try to jump-start the goods factories) and housing getting rather acute in supply.

Rather than going fringe with the new housing development (although there has been small editions to the fringe following the Onehunga heavy rail Line) I decided to focus development close to the action that was the City Centre. Thus Downtown was formalised with mass amounts of residential zoning being placed down smack bang in the middle of three major employment centres (City Centre, Uptown, Airport Complex).

This is what sprung up:

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The Downtown development will spread over into the Uptown district which is also a Leisure District (night clubs, bars etc).


Going for a drive

One thing I love about Cities Skylines are the mods that allow me to go driving or walking through my City. So here are some more driving pictures (with some context establishing pictures as well):

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The storm water system in Layton City is designed to take most storms with the emergency pumps activating periodically when you get the odd spike as you do in real life. The last intense spike at 4.0mm/hour triggered the pumps and caused one of the storm canals to top itself but not go over the emergency flood walls.

Well a spike of ~5.6mm/hour had to dump itself onto the City and did all hell break loose as result. By hell I mean MAJOR flooding on three districts while transit was shut down City-wide.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story:

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I had to turn off the pumps in the canal to get the water back down and stop it over-topping the emergency flood walls as it already was. This meant some localised flooding elsewhere but I managed to get the levels down in the canals so I could slowly bring the pumps back up.

Downtown I will have to look at as the water and turned the motorway into a river.

But this is the only time I have seen all but one emergency pump going WHILE the flood canals could not cope.

As a consequence I have deepened the canal in question in parts forming what is emergency flood storage when heavy rains hit again. I am also looking at more detention basins so there is more storage available before the pumps are needed.

I can certainly say that flood was an interesting experience.


The New Frontier

Layton City has been enjoying its successes with a booming commercial and office sector fuelling demand for goods and housing. While the housing side is under control the goods production side has not been keeping up meaning shops are short of goods to sell.

While the rail and shipping network is flat out importing there is a very heavy imbalance in the City’s economy. Zoning is placed down for goods producing factories to be built but they are slow in coming. So I have opened up an ore field on the frontier to jump start the factories. Needless to say it is slowing providing the kick needed although it will take some time for industry to establish.

Below is the new frontier being opened up along with some driving shots:

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And finally some random shots:


Next up is laying down the infrastructure to build the new Manukau district with lots of large format retail all linked up by a motorway and a heavy rail line.


All here on Cities Skylines.


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