#CitiesSkylines Introduces the big Campus

Bringing higher education to the City

Paradox and Colossal Order have made the announcement that ‘Campus’ is the next major DLC for the ever popular urban simulator Cities Skylines.

The announcement trailer:

From Colossal Order:

Campus Dev Diary #1: Campus Areas by Colossal Order

Hello there, city-builders! Cities: Skylines – Campus, the latest expansion to the game, was announced on the 9th of May and now it’s time to take a closer look into what features it includes. The previous Dev Diary worked as a quick introduction to the expansion. Check it out, if you haven’t already, and you’ll get a nice overview of what it’s all about!

So, Campus Areas. What’s it all about? Well, it’s about education! A great city needs an equally great and awesome-looking campus to match. The Campus Areas use the same area creating mechanics as Parklife and Industries. You can paint Campus Areas using the Campus Area tool and assign a campus type of your choosing by placing campus buildings inside the area, from campus Administration Buildings to dormitories, study halls, club houses and unique faculties. There are three types of campuses: Trade School, Liberal Arts College and University, each with their own, distinct visual style and unique faculties which provide the city with various bonuses.

For more see: the forums

Manukau prepares for Campus life

With the Campus DLC out rather soon (under two weeks) it means I can easy adapt my current City – Manukau to the new DLC. Rather coincidentally (or not) I already had a large piece of blank land between Papakura/City Centre and the Airport that I was going to use as industry. I think I will use that land for the new Manukau University and the Manukau University Town district.

The land is prime for a University town with the City Centre on one side, airport on the other and the Manukau Technology park next door. I have already prepared the transit connections using heavy rail, metro rail, monorail, and busses while I am setting up the cycling infrastructure.

You can see I am preparing a new 6-lane motorway as well. This will form the new bypass that will connect to a large T-Junction to the right of Nuclear City (first picture) allowing me to either Shrink the existing 6-lane motorway that divides Manukau Estates and Manukau Technology Park or replace it with a tree lined boulevard. Just out of interest I ran the stats last night and for a population of ~130,000 I also had 3,287 parked cars in the City.

One think you might have noticed are the two rather large transmission lines running right through the guts of the proposed university area. One is the big 800KV line that runs from Nuclear City to the Papatoetoe Sub Station (connecting up with a 225/400KV line to the Taranaki Power Plant, and several 35KV lines) while the other is the 400KV line that runs also from Nuclear City to the Papakura and Airport Substations (powering the City Centre/Downtown/Technology Park and Airport areas)

The 800KV line already acts as a severance to Papakura and the City Centre as it runs through them so both the 800 and 400 lines will end up doing the same to the Campus unless I move the Lines. Something to think about as I get ready to but the Manukau University Town in a few weeks time.

As for power production:

  • Total Power Production (Consumption): 1,365MW (1,120MW)
  • From Nuclear City (an EPR design): 956MW
  • From Taranaki Oil Power Plant 200MW
  • From Tamaki Geothermal Booster Stations (80MW)
  • From the various wind farms: 100MW
  • From the incinerators 29MW
  • Offline: Wiri Coal Power Plant with production capacity of 350MW
  • 84% comes from Low Carbon sources
Manukau pre Campus

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