Undertaking Tactical Urbanism in #CitiesSkylines

Some quickfire ways to help the city move

As a Spatial Planning and Urban Geographer in real life the concepts I practice there can make its way into Cities Skylines and vice versa. For more on tactical urban see this post over at my main blog: Tactical Urbanism Reaches South Auckland!

So can Tactical Urban be done in Cities Skylines? Yes it can. Below is a high level overview of doing Tactical Urbanism in converting a painted cycle lane to a separated cycleway on a main thoroughfare route:

Part 1 is the high level overview and doing the most basic form of tactical urbanism. As this particular City grows and evolves I will do further videos on Tactical Urbanism with some being more complex than others. Other Spatial Planning and Urban Design concepts will be outlined as well.

Hopefully these videos can give some inspiration to provide some extra realism in your cities based on real world concepts today.

Outlining the infrastructure in the new City
Trust me I have done more than just four roads and a roundabout