Layton City – Starting Out #CitiesSkylines

Introducing my current project


Layton City is my fifth city in Cities Skylines since I got the game two years ago. Layton City is also unique as it will be only my second city (Solaria was the first) that will run heavy rail for passenger commuting services (the game has limitations with heavy passenger rail compared to subways and light rail trams).

I founded Layton City earlier in June using a custom map rather than one of the default maps provided in-game. This map uses the Temperate climate base (so no snow) while being mostly flat and surrounded by water on three sides. It is also a resource rich city with oil, forest, ore and fertile land available for your industries. Layton City also has two sea and air routes available making port connections easier across the city.


Mods are used to enhance game play. The mods include:

  • Rush Hour to simulate 24 hour, 7 day game cycles that allow rush hour commutes, random events, and lunch time or weekend shopping
  • Improvements to the mass transit system allowing me to control individual routes
  • Network Extensions to give more roading options like 2-lane highways, bus ways and dedicated bus lanes
  • Paint tools to plant urban forests
  • Rainfall mod that simulates storms and flooding (so you need a storm water system)
  • Traffic managers to control individual lanes, speed limits and signalised intersections

So the game gets pretty close to being realistic as it can with the limitations of your standard PC and laptops.


Introducing Layton City from founding to its current form as of 16 July, 2016 where I started laying out the bus routes and inter city services by rail. While in a slide show you can right-click and individual image and open it to full resolution (often 1920 x 1080).

Layton City is designed to be a Vision Zero, 8-80 City


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