Layton City: A Personalised Walk Through

From the citizens’s point of view


If you have the Free Camera mods for Cities Skylines you are able to drop down to citizen level and either walk around from the view-point of a person or follow any vehicle whether on land, sea or in the air. The great thing about this is along with the Screenshots button (F12) you get to see your city down at a personalised level. At the same time if you click on individual citizens or tourists they tell you their happiness and where they are going. This can allow fine tuning while enjoying the City as a person would see it rather than how most see it at 40,000ft.


Below is some citizen level and follow the bus shots going around Layton City. For full resolution right-click the individual picture slide and open in a new tab.

For the start of the mass transit roll out see:Layton City: Rolling out the Mass Transit Network


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Next up will be the start of establishing the main City Centre.


One thought on “Layton City: A Personalised Walk Through

  1. Reblogged this on Talking Southern Auckland and commented:

    While we await for the Unitary Plan recommendations due out publicly next Wednesday my hone some of my more personal level attention to Layton City.

    While I have stated in the past I enjoy the big picture, the macro level jigsaw puzzle I do come down to the personal level regularly to explore the City at a citizen level.

    How does the city feel and move at the personal level and how our the citizens feeling at the same time.

    Also while the big picture is enjoyable, the personal level with the diverse detail is just as enjoyable.


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