#CitiesSkylines Next DLC: INDUSTRY

What I enjoy and urban designers avoid

With so much focus on Paradox’s other game Stellaris at the moment the announcement of a new DLC (expansion) for Cities Skylines came absolutely out of nowhere.

Not that I mind nor do I mind it is on the one thing I like tinkering with and the very thing urban designers like Ludo Campbell-Reid tend to avoid 😉 – INDUSTRY

From Paradox:

Mind your business! We’re thrilled to announce our next major expansion, Cities: Skylines – Industries


Okay you had me at toll roads (finally)! KIDDING, toll roads and more expansive industry no doubt will already keep me ticking along this time with freight (as well as passenger as normal)

Of course there will be run through of the new DLC before it released in just over a week


Looking forward to the new Industry DLC!