MARCH OF THE ZONES! We get ready to hit PLAY with Grand Manukau/Layton Cities #CitiesSkylines

We also reach Auckland Transport how to build a 24/7 transit system

Last night I ran the second test Twitch stream of Cities Skylines and Grand Manukau/Layton City. The focus was the Zones around the main City Centre as I prepare to bring the game off Pause and get the simulator going again.

We managed to crash the game in First Person Mode in the end but for the rest the mechanics of the Stream have been ironed out including background audio.

The streaming where we have MARCH OF THE ZONES:

March of the Zones

At the beginning of the video I was also setting down transit lines and setting the budgets. Or rather teaching Auckland Transport how to build and run a 24/7 transit system that runs frequencies no more than every 20 minutes but usually every 5-10 minutes. None of this half hourly or hourly stuff Auckland Transport likes to do and call a frequent bus service!

Finally before the game crash I go down to first person view and some of those towers are HUGE.

Stream Times

  • Summer Time (October-April):
    • Friday: 8pm (GMT+13)
    • Monday: 10am (GMT +13)
  • Winter Time (April to October)
    • Friday: 7pm (GMT+12)
    • Monday: 10am (GMT +12)

Thursday and Saturday streams might happen occassionally

Stream Link:

Hope to see you around!

Transport Line Manager in use