Tutorial and AMA’s on Planning with #CitiesSkylines. Part 1 of 6: The Overview

A look at Planning, Cities Skylines and how via Mixed Reality I work with both (in game play)

I have started a series via Twitch which will be uploaded to my YouTube channel on Planning with Cities Skylines. It is a six-part series look at the more advanced mechanics of Transport Planning in the game as well as my playthrough style.

I will be uploading both the raw and edited versions to YouTube for you consumption, as well as sharing it here with any further commentary on this blog.

A rundown on the series:

Part 1 of 6: The Overview The first of a series of Live Tutorials and AMAs on all things Planning, and Planning with Cities Skylines. Mods are in use including Real Time, Transport Manager: Presidents Edition, and Transport Lines Manager.

  • Part 1: Overview
  • Part 2: Buses and Trams Part
  • 3: Metro, Heavy and Mono Rail
  • Part 4: Freight and Roads
  • Part 5: Active Modes and Hubs
  • Part 6: New City

Part 1: The Overview

[This is the raw version; highlights will also be available]

Part Two I look at buses and trams (aka Light Rail)

Riding the Pukekohe Circuit, Using the Prefix System with Transit #CitiesSkylines

Explaining the Transport Lines Manager Prefix system while riding a bus

While we go riding the Pukekohe Circuit between Pukekohe and the Airport, I explain in brief how the Transport Lines Manager mod can help make the most of your transit system especially with Rolling Stock allocations for each respective route.

Let’s ride the bus shall we as I go over the basics of the Prefix system.

Remember, keep an eye on your transit lines and alter the supply of rolling stock accordingly so that you don’t either have overcrowding nor large buses with 20 passengers running around on respective routes.

Transport Lines Manager in action

First Overview of Palpatine International Airprt (using the Airport DLC) #CitiesSkylines

My first attempt at a small international airport

While I saw my counterparts attempt some of the most complex multi runway airports possible I decided to go right down to basics (given this was also an existing mature city meaning I have limited space). Introducing Palpatine International Airport, a single runway small international airport using the Classic terminals.

First view of my international airport

The airport has 4 of each of the Gate classes (small, medium and large), 3 cargo parks, and 15 apron parks for aircraft not in use. The airport has short- and long-term parking, and can be reached by bus, taxi, tram, heavy and metro rail, and even Helicopter.

Of course, this is when the airport just opened and since the video the complex has evolved to include supporting services, a better tram stops, and auxiliary services including dedicated long-term parking, hotels, Airline HQ, and residential for all those workers.

I will have other videos of the transit services using the airport.

You are Going Where? #CitiesSkylines

Another day in First Person Mode

It is known that I like spending a lot of my Cities Skylines time in First Person Mode. Why? I like to see from Helicopter or ground level how my cities look and feel, as well as finding any problems like jammed buses or intersections (derp).

Thus, we have another video of this time Postman Pat from the Port at one side of the map, to their homebase in Papakura on the other side of the map.

Here we are with Postman Pat:

Postman Pat going cross-city

One of the benefits of watching a cross-city trip is it shows where the hotspots are in the transport network most effectively (as does the traffic flow metre). Although the scenery is another reason as well.

But in the meantime, Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black and white cat…..

Neo South Auckland before the airport upgrades

Airport DLC a Go, First Airport built for Neo South Auckland #CitiesSkylines

All mods well all but one work, dabbling in first airport build

So the Airport DLC was released earlier in the week and yes I decided to get it. Ironically Neo South Auckland had land set aside for such an airport before the DLC came out. What was not known is the dynamics needed for a new modular airport that can be built from the DLC.

In any case owing to map limitations and the existing city I was limited to a small-scale international airport complete with a museum, and cargo terminal.

Neo South Auckland International Airport

Apologies for the washout, South Pacific internet, and OBS were having a moment. I will get higher resolution media later on when no streaming.

As we can see I built a single runway (most of my contemporaries were going for more complex multi runway airports) with the following:

  • Classic Terminal set was used rather than modern or ultra-modern sets
  • The 345kv and 230kv transmission lines at the eastern end sent underground so as not to conflict with the approach to the runway
  • Transit consists of metro, bus and trams. Helicopter services also retained as well!
  • Single Runway, dual taxiway in east-west direction (set by Real Time Mod)
  • 3 Large Gates, 4 medium gates and 4 small gates. There is apron parking for another 6 gates if need be. Two airline lounges also provided
  • 3 cargo gates at the west end
  • Aviation museum
  • Hotels and Airline HQ provided
  • Road access to intercity motorway, and the City Centre

It did take about four attempts to get the terminal placement right.

Of course, more to do as the front of the terminal is a bit sparse and the old tram stop is now redundant. But then again when building a new airport, urban renewal was always going to occur.

The DLC is good fun although I am aware of game performance issues caused by the Taxiways.

More soon.

Bus Gates and Bus Malls. Why I might do them in Cities Skylines (and how to do so)

Simple techniques without destroying an entire City for transit measures!

Bus Gates in the UK? What were they as I found them on Twitter? Well I went to find out then though rather than do an “upgrade” of a road to a full blown bus mall in my current Cities Skylines’ city I would try this very simple Bus Gate instead.

Here is the video around me using bus malls then discovering the Bus Gate:

Bus Malls and Bus Gates

To the Aviation Club – well nearly #CitiesSkylines

One of the more unusual ways to go, or I need to update an expressway?

I decided to follow a random car from the airport to where their destination inside Neo South Auckland. Where did they end up? The other side of the City, well nearly as they headed to the Aviation Club.

To the Aviation Club!

The scenic trip was nice though I will give them that!

Neo South Auckland

Riding the Bus Lines in Papakura, and an old one too. Neo South Auckland #CitiesSkylines

Finally Completed Busway moves buses efficiently

Time to go riding the new bus lines in what was at the time the latest suburb to be added to Neo South Auckland, the suburb of Papakura.

Wheels on the bus go round and round

In an upcoming video I we would tour the Papakura-Riccarton Bus Way. One of only two Bus Rapid Transit systems I have ever built in the six years I have owned Cities Skylines!

Papakura (to the right), the latest suburb in Neo South Auckland!

Riding the Helicopter again in Neo South Auckland #CitieSkylines

Because why get stuck in traffic

As the title and heading says; why get stuck in traffic when you can take a helicopter from A to B to C and back again. Let’s go travelling like the elite do across Neo South Auckland!


With the new Airport DLC coming out at the end of the month I will have to see how helicopters are dealt with at the new modular airport as currently it is only the Metropolitan Airport that handles them (apart from the stand alone helicopter stops).

Touring Neo South Auckland Part 2 of 3 #citiesskylines

Why sit in a car when I can take transit to go places

Why should I sit in traffic being the traffic when I can take reliable transit from A to B to C and back again quick and cheaply? The answer is I would not. This is why in my Mixed Reality cities built in Cities Skylines there are extensive transit systems following a strict hierarchy. A strict hierarchy as each mode has its optimal efficiency point before diseconomies of scale kick on from inefficiencies.

In Part Two of Touring Neo South Auckland we jump on some more transit to tour the City

Touring Neo South Auckland Part 2

Yes the City Centre is mainly car free apart from the main arterial roads taking people and goods in and out of the City Centre area.