Beech District, Opening the Metro Rail System #CitiesSkylines

Beech District introduces heavy rail


Beech District while another expansion to the quilt-work that is the Layton City also marks a more historic occasion with the heavy rail metro network now operational. Right now it is only a shuttle between four stations but when completed the heavy rail network would incorporate several metro lines, an inter-city line and the cargo lines through out the City.

I have opted to undertake heavy metro rail for only the second time since I got Cities Skylines to give a more realistic feel to Layton City. Subways and light rail will still be used as I plan to create several multi-modal hubs like the one in the planned main City Centre.

City Centre Transport Centre
City Centre Transport Hub


Typically a heavy rail station will be a train/bus interchange to start with light rail being added later on.

Four track bus and train interchange
Four track bus and train interchange


Metro trains
Metro trains


Speaking of which I had to rip up the area around an inter-city rail station as I seriously underestimated the rail to bus patronage that would occur. Long story short the 2-lane road and its 4-lane upgrade were unable to cope with the volume of busses, taxis and cars caused by one of the two operating intercity rail stations in Layton City. It means busses were late and people getting frustrated waiting for busses that dropped off the system entirely (sound familiar).

Uh oh
Uh oh


As a result the road was converted to a two lane one way system and a bus station built south of the shot to service the two bus routes that go through there. It has worked with busses and taxis no longer held up and passengers able to transfer between modes quickly. I’ll have to be careful next time when opening the next intercity station.


One last thing before the slide show, I have start creating a network of dedicated cycle-ways through Layton City as the City expands. It wont be one continuous bike highway but rather areas of cycle boulevards connecting different districts and transit hubs up. You can see one such cycle-boulevard here:





It wont be long before the urban development follows the rail line up to the Layton City Centre Transport Hub and work starts on the main City Centre itself.


Layton City as of 24 July, 2016


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