The Way-less Travel in #CitiesSkylines

Placing the final road link


Wet weather means Cities Skylines time and some serious time at that. Yesterday I worked on two major projects for Layton City as it continues to grow.

First was to connect a main intra-Layton City Highways intersection up to the main inter-city highway at the western edge of the city (as currently the only connection is at the southern end). Second was to finish laying down the zones in Onehunga so that it could provide residential support to the City Centre and Downtown districts.


For the highway connection rather than doing the standard 6-lane motorway that would run across blank land I decided to use the 2-lane “National Highway” option which is a cheaper alternative (and still allows speeds of 100km/h). When Layton City expands westwards the 2-lane highway will be expanded into the full 6-lane motorway standard.


And the pictures (yes it decided to rain halfway through the drive through, rain that would trigger floods (see next post):

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