#CitiesSkylines Greens Cities Out. City Going Green

San Solaria goes green


The latest DLC for Cities Skylines came out earlier this week with the theme about being Green.


From Paradox:

Green Cities 1.9.0 Patch Notes


Once the mods I used were updated (Rush Hour and Improved Public Transport 2 are still down) I managed to get my City – San Solaria up and running with the new features going.

So far so good with things like an IT cluster establishing, some areas going totally self-sufficient (residential) or “organic” (commerce). Several districts have an E-car policy where residents must have an e-car while only one District has a combustion engine ban in place.

The new recycling centres have caused a boom in the industrial sectors while the new bio-fuel busses are not that great. That is because they only hold 30 passengers and I have big diesels holding 130 so we have congestion issues on Bus Lines 7, 16 and 21 which are the heaviest used routes. That said with the new 6-lane + Tram road asset out by a good modder I might covert some of those heavy used bus lanes to tram lines.

All in all a good DLC.


Some opening pictures of Green Cities below:

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Oh we had a bad forest fire too: