#CitiesSkylines Mass Transit Out May 18

And oh with the mods

Paradox the creators of Cities Skylines have announced that May 18 (May 19 for New Zealand)  will be when their next expansion – Mass Transit will be released through Steam.

Mass Transit is a return (of sorts) by the developers to their Cities in Motions roots in allowing Cities Skyline players to unlock the full intricacies of transit inside a City. While we can do this now with the help of Mods being able to fully utilise all-in-one transit hubs (rather than separate buildings) to allow transfers will be a great asset to large cities like Layton City and San Solaria City.


Here is the release trailer:


Given I use mods like: Traffic Manager-President Edition, Network Extensions 2.0 and Transport Lines Manager it might be a while before the mods are brought up to speed to facilitate the new Mass Transit engine.