Cities Skylines Mass Transit DLC Out

So far pretty good


Yesterday the Mass Transit expansion to Cities Skylines came out to test your skills in all things transit in your City.


From the Forums:

Mass Transit 1.7.0 Patch Notes

Patch notes for Mass Transit expansion
Paid content Mass Transit expansion
4 new mass transit types:

  • Ferries
  • Cable cars
  • Elevated monorail
  • Blimps

New mass transit related service buildings
Multiplatform train station with metro station
End-of-line train station with metro station
Ferry + bus stop
Monorail + bus hub
Monorail + train + metro hub

3 new scenarios
3 new landmarks
3 new Chirper hats
New chirps
3 new policies
14 new Steam achievements
New road types
3 new canals variations
Free update for all players
Naming of roads
Added option to toggle road names on/off
Citizen Modding
What’s New -pop up screen
Two bridges for the gravel road
One-way Train Track
Adjust vehicle count slider for public transport lines
Emergency vehicles choose a free lane when available
Bulldozer for underground structures
Public transport info view additions
Unlimited soil – builtin mod added
Unlimited oil and ore -builtin mod added
Mod inspired features
Option to mark railway stations to accept or not accept intercity traffic
Ability set stop signs at intersections
Ability to toggle traffic lights for an intersection
Visual aids to road building




The update and patches mean I have been able to delete a couple of mods but while I have the game working with the DLC in play several key mods have been disabled to allow this to happen. For example I can play San Solarian City but not Layton due to the Rainfall mod not updated as of last night.

None-the-less the game has settled down and slowly I am starting to use the new features like building my first ferry system.

But for now some teaser pictures:

Roads are automatically named
Finally the 4 lane road with bus lane comes with trees!


Hopefully I can squeeze in some more game time this weekend and get a few more pictures of the ferries working.