#CitiesSkylines on Hold until May 19

Waiting for Mass Transit DLC

With the new Mass Transit expansion coming out next month for Cities Skylines I am going to hold off working on both San Solarian City and Layton City until the new pack is out and the mods I use are updated (or deleted).

As the new DLC allows for centralised transit hubs and better route finding mechanics (allowing me to trace individual journeys) retrofitting two large cities is going to be an interesting challenge as it stands. Given both cities are at a size where I am tweaking transport systems to get better efficiency (no that does not mean 10 lane highways through the middle of the urban environment) I don’t want to be doing any large scale urban expansion that makes retrofitting even more complex than what it is now.

So until May 19 (well until the mods are fixed post-release) I’ll be taking a Cities Skylines holiday.

Once I have the Mass Transit DLC not messing up the existing Cities commentary (and lots of pictures) will return