Another Day on Bus Line 17 #CitiesSkylines

Commentary from a driver on Bus Line 17 and how the City evolves


We get back in touch with the driver of the Bus Line 17 to see his photo essay of one of busiest lines in San Solaria. Since our last meeting there has been quite a bit of development in San Solaria including Wood Hills.

The Wood Hills development and subsequent ferry pier (see: Ferries! Finally Got Them Working #CitiesSkylines) saw Bus Line 17 extended with the route now ~30 stops (the second biggest line behind Line 7). But it is the new features like blimps going across the sky and the new bus lane boulevards that have made the trip more interesting.




New improvements such as the bus boulevards, new route finding, and new priority measures have helped make transit more desirable to travel on. With new bus-ways also being rolled out getting around San Solaria became that much easier.


The Bus Line 17 Photo Essay

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