First Overview of Palpatine International Airprt (using the Airport DLC) #CitiesSkylines

My first attempt at a small international airport

While I saw my counterparts attempt some of the most complex multi runway airports possible I decided to go right down to basics (given this was also an existing mature city meaning I have limited space). Introducing Palpatine International Airport, a single runway small international airport using the Classic terminals.

First view of my international airport

The airport has 4 of each of the Gate classes (small, medium and large), 3 cargo parks, and 15 apron parks for aircraft not in use. The airport has short- and long-term parking, and can be reached by bus, taxi, tram, heavy and metro rail, and even Helicopter.

Of course, this is when the airport just opened and since the video the complex has evolved to include supporting services, a better tram stops, and auxiliary services including dedicated long-term parking, hotels, Airline HQ, and residential for all those workers.

I will have other videos of the transit services using the airport.

Airport DLC a Go, First Airport built for Neo South Auckland #CitiesSkylines

All mods well all but one work, dabbling in first airport build

So the Airport DLC was released earlier in the week and yes I decided to get it. Ironically Neo South Auckland had land set aside for such an airport before the DLC came out. What was not known is the dynamics needed for a new modular airport that can be built from the DLC.

In any case owing to map limitations and the existing city I was limited to a small-scale international airport complete with a museum, and cargo terminal.

Neo South Auckland International Airport

Apologies for the washout, South Pacific internet, and OBS were having a moment. I will get higher resolution media later on when no streaming.

As we can see I built a single runway (most of my contemporaries were going for more complex multi runway airports) with the following:

  • Classic Terminal set was used rather than modern or ultra-modern sets
  • The 345kv and 230kv transmission lines at the eastern end sent underground so as not to conflict with the approach to the runway
  • Transit consists of metro, bus and trams. Helicopter services also retained as well!
  • Single Runway, dual taxiway in east-west direction (set by Real Time Mod)
  • 3 Large Gates, 4 medium gates and 4 small gates. There is apron parking for another 6 gates if need be. Two airline lounges also provided
  • 3 cargo gates at the west end
  • Aviation museum
  • Hotels and Airline HQ provided
  • Road access to intercity motorway, and the City Centre

It did take about four attempts to get the terminal placement right.

Of course, more to do as the front of the terminal is a bit sparse and the old tram stop is now redundant. But then again when building a new airport, urban renewal was always going to occur.

The DLC is good fun although I am aware of game performance issues caused by the Taxiways.

More soon.