The Layton City Cycle Super Highway #CitiesSkylines

Biking is king in Layton City


One thing I am trying with Layton City is to make the city an 8-80 City. That is a city that is safe to navigate by both eight and eighty year old citizens as well as amenities suited for them. That is if your city is safe and enjoyable for young and old then it is a safe and enjoyable city for ALL citizens.

Using the Rush Hour, Network Extensions and various public transport mods I am able to tap into things like

  • Cycle Boulevards
  • Pedestrian Roads
  • Lane ways (part of Snowfall)
  • Individual line control for the mass transit lines


In this case I was more focusing on the first three listed above as the urban expansion was inside the existing developed Districts (meaning expanding within a district area rather than expanding over and creating a new district and having to fine tune the transit lines). With the expansion within Garnet Hills and Beech District I focused more on the active transport modes.

This meant the expansion of the Layton City Cycle Super Highway that spans from the City Centre all the way down to Foggy Heights where the City was founded. The cycle super highway allows cyclists to bike on mostly grade separated infrastructure through the eastern flank of the city. Through time other cycle super highways will be built as the City expands westwards.

At the same time while using lane ways for non arterial roads within urban areas I am also using the pedestrian road more as well. The pedestrian road is the same as a lane-way but no cars are allowed on it (service vehicles may travel on them however) allowing for different dynamics in both low and high density areas.  The pedestrian roads basically extend the front yard of a residential home or trading area of a commercial facility.

The three types of active transport friendly infrastructure modes:


The time I took the collection of pictures it was a Saturday in the game so a lot of people about with it being the weekend. The cycle super highway was especially busy through the length of the route as people join and leave it as they move about the City.

I also “travelled” by bike along the super highway and the trip would be very enjoyable if translated into real life. The Layton Cycle Super Highway runs through or near various bus lines with feeder cycle lanes or boulevards connecting from the super highway to the subway or heavy rail system. So if I were to wager you wouldn’t need a car to get around most of Layton City. Even the parts of the industrial areas are serviced by busses widening the net unlike Auckland for the most part.


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The World’s Most Liveable City? I think that belongs to Layton City rather than Auckland given the ease to move around the Layton City by mass or active transit modes.


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